Your Garden care Calendar (Infographic)

Worried about your garden? Don’t know what to do to ensure it stays healthy and looks great throughout the year? Read this infographic to know what you should do to ensure a healthy garden throughout the year.

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Digging Topsoil

Creating the perfect herbaceous border with topsoil

If you love the beautiful herbaceous borders on display at the UK’s great flower shows and would like to replicate the effect in your garden, then you’ll need topsoil. Herbaceous perennials – the plants that come back year after year to form the backbone of your border – have hungry…

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Uses of Topsoil

Top uses for topsoil

Topsoil, as its name suggests, is the top 5 to 6 inches of soil and its makeup depends on what organic material has been added to it. Topsoil is prized…

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