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When you have proudly spent numerous hours out in the garden, preening and primping the shrubbery and greenery to perfection, there is nothing worse than waking up to the sight of ransacked flowerbeds and gaping holes in the soil that have ruined all of your hard work. Wild animals are often a nuisance for keen gardeners, creating not just aesthetic issues, but possibly structural issues as well. The London Topsoil Company are aware how important your garden is to the overall appeal of your home, and have therefore compiled a few solutions that could help stop animals digging in your garden once and for all.


So, why do animals choose to destroy gardens? For one, the growth of desirable plantation such as fruit or vegetables will encourage the wild animals to come out at night and grab the delicious food for consumption. If you want to grow fruit and vegetables, investing in a greenhouse is an ideal way to keep wild pests away from your tasty produce. For more information about selecting a new greenhouse, take a look at our previous blog. Laying a sheet of chicken wire over the affected beds will also help to deter larger creatures from destroying your hard work and should help to stop animals digging in the beds that cultivate greenery.


Animals seeking shade are more likely to enter your garden if they can see large shrubs or trees that they can burrow under. Even ground level items, such as wooden logs or low bushes can entice wild animals to begin making their home in your garden. By either removing or trimming back the hiding places, you will reduce the risk of an animal entering your garden immensely.


Another way to stop animals digging in your garden is to purchase a non-toxic animal repellant, available at most DIY stores. Animal repellents work by looking at an animal’s evolutionary aversion to something, for example the urine of a predator animal can be used. The repellant can be sprinkled over your garden with little harm to the grass or artificial turf, and should help to reduce the amount of disruptive visitors entering your garden at night time.


Ultimately, determining the animal that is disturbing your peaceful garden is the best way to truly hone in on the ideal solution. If you would like to talk to a professional today about your topsoil needs and what topsoil is best for animal prevention, please call us today at 01959 897609.