How To Care For Your Greenhouse: A Beginners Guide

a picture of a greenhouse

a picture of a greenhouse

Choosing to build a greenhouse is a great investment. A wonderful activity which can be enjoyed by all ages, caring for your greenhouse will help to stimulate improved physical and mental health. Before you buy your greenhouse, don’t be afraid to do some research. Choosing and learning how to care for your greenhouse takes time, and there will definitely be a suitable greenhouse out there which matches your target price range and required specifications. London Topsoil have compiled some tips which will help aid your decision and guide the gardening enthusiast in you to effectively care for your greenhouse.


Choosing Your Greenhouse
The first step for any greenhouse purchase is to decide what type of greenhouse you’re after.
With two main structural types of greenhouse, you will have to decide whether you want your building to be attached or to be freestanding, as that will factor in how you will care for your greenhouse. Attached greenhouses take less time to build as you only have to construct three walls, but ultimately will let in a limited amount of sunlight. Freestanding greenhouses, on the other hand, are more expensive and can be more vulnerable to bouts of nasty weather, but ultimately provide more sowing space than an attached greenhouse would. Space is really important to take into consideration when choosing your greenhouse, as overcrowding can be damaging for growing vegetation. Where you place the greenhouse can be an important decision also, as it will help to determine how much it will get used. If you’ve chosen to construct a freestanding greenhouse, for example, place it nearer the house so that you’ll be more motivated to get out in the garden and use it.


Pest Control and Greenhouse Maintenance
It is important that your greenhouse is cleaned before sowing season in order to eradicate any potential pest problems commonly encountered by greenhouse owners. Before starting to clean, the greenhouse must be clear of all gardening paraphernalia, even down to the smallest plant pot. Pests can hide anywhere, and only meticulous care will reduce the risk of an infestation. Remember also to check your plants for bugs before you bring them into the greenhouse. To clean your greenhouse, you won’t need much in regards to specialist treatment. Use a brush to sweep the floor clean of any soil or dirt and you’ll be able to use any domestic cleaning product for the greenhouse interior, or hot soapy water. Keeping your greenhouse well ventilated throughout the year will help to ward off pests and any mould or mildew growing.


Growing In Your Greenhouse
A heating system may be required for your greenhouse, depending on the vegetation you wish to grow. The plants don’t necessarily need to be watered in a strict routine. Simply check the top of the soil before you decide to water the plant, and if the soil feels dry, water it vigorously. Over-watering will lead to a soggy base and create a damp atmosphere in the greenhouse.
If you’re looking to grow vegetables in your greenhouse, The Royal Horticultural Society has a handy, comprehensive guide which details what times are best for growing a wide range of greenery. The guide can be found here.