Here at the London Topsoil Company, we care about the soil we sell and the impact it has on your project. We work hard to develop the best selection of topsoil to ensure our range suits our customers' every gardening requirement. That's why in today's blog post we will take a look at the factors you need to consider when finding the right topsoil for your garden landscaping.


Topsoil London - which is the right type for landscaping?

There are many types of topsoil, but it can be difficult to know which grade to use for landscaping. There are five main soil types available in the UK, although these can be broken down into further sub-types. The Government has issued a very useful guide to soil types which can be found here. The main types found are:

  • Peat soils
  • Chalk and limestone soils
  • Heavy soils
  • Medium soils
  • Sandy and light silty soils


There are many advantages and disadvantages of these soil types. For example, in a heavy clay soil there will often be poor drainage but great nutrient levels. The best soil to choose is a fine sandy loam which provides great drainage and a good nutrient density. This type of topsoil is ideal for both hobby and professional landscaping projects as it supports turf, raised beds, borders and planters well. It is also important to ensure that the topsoil is well screened to remove any large stones which could prevent growth. Our premium-grade topsoils are screened to 10mm and have a pH very close to neutral.


Choosing the right landscaping topsoil London offers

Choosing the correct landscaping topsoil is critical, it will provide the foundation of your garden area for the future. If you are investing in great turf and a variety of plants, you need to ensure that they are protected and given the best start possible by using the right topsoil. We recommend our premium loose topsoil  which is designed for landscaping use. The professional grade is perfect for a job where a first-class standard is expected. The blend includes a range of local topsoils and sands to give the best fine sandy loam topsoil London can provide.


If you would like more information about our professional-grade, landscaping topsoil London, please contact us.