At The London Topsoil Company, we want to help you get the very most out of your garden. We find that an often overlooked material that can really help not just your garden’s aesthetic appeal but also its health is bark. Bark can be easily scattered over your soil and needs little to no maintenance as its weight stops it from being blown about in windy weather. There are numerous benefits of using bark in the garden, making it an effective tool for giving your outdoor space a new lease of life this autumn.


Discourages Weeds

One of the benefits of using bark in the garden is that it will help to suppress weeds. Because the bark blocks the light, and weed seeds won’t receive that vital sun that they need in order to germinate. Not only that, but any weeds that do manage to germinate will struggle greatly to then break through the bark layer to get more sunlight to thrive.


Nutritious for Your Soil

Although bark composts slowly so you won’t have to replace it often, when it does start to decompose it will be valuably nutritious for your soil. Because bark comes from large trees, they’ll have stored up tonnes of valuable nutrients over their many years of growth, all of which then gets filtered right into your soil.


Retains Water

When you have a layer of bark over your soil, you’ll find that the soil beneath retains its moisture much better. This is because the bark helps to stop the evaporation of water, leaving your soil wet beneath the bark. This is great for your plants as it helps to stop them from drying out. If you’re an avid planter, this becomes one of the most important benefits of using bark in the garden.


Regulates Soil Temperature

With bark, your soil will be cooler in summer and warmer in winter, which helps prevent your plants from getting damaged by severe weather changes. Your bark will insulate your soil during the colder months, and protect it from harsh sun during those freak hot days.


To get all of these benefits of using bark in the garden, take a look at the bark we have to offer and feel free to call The London Topsoil Company on 01959 897609 to talk to us about what bark will best suit your garden needs.