Why Invest in Topsoil for your Garden?

Earth Hands


You may think that organising and creating a garden is just a process of planting flowers, bushes and trees as you wish. But in certain areas where the soil is chalky or dry, a little more preparation is needed to make sure that your garden lasts all year round.


The three main types of soil that can hinder garden growth are chalky soil, rocky soil and soil with a high clay content. For example, in Woking the soil tends to be extremely clay dense, this causes it to become waterlogged during the rainy months and is prone to flooding. This can be catastrophic for your garden, and especially your flower patches and grass.


If you know that you have one of the above soil types, then topsoil is no longer a consideration, but a necessity. By covering your ground with a thick layer of nutrient rich topsoil before turfing your lawn of planting greenery you ensure that your plants get the opportunity to grow and adapt to their natural soil type.


Another down side to Woking’s clay soil is that when it dries in the sun it goes rock solid, suffocating plant roots making it hard for them to take in water. By digging about eight inches down and replacing that soil with our nutritious topsoil, you give your garden the chance it deserves to be as beautiful as possible.