The Impact of Soil Erosion on the World

Young plant with filter effect retro vintage style


Young plant  with filter effect retro vintage style

Half of the planet’s topsoil has been eroded and lost over the past 150 years. Topsoil is what holds everything down, keeps agriculture growing and is one of the most precious resources to humans. Soil quality is effected by agriculture, and it’s impacts include compaction, loss of soil structure, nutrient degradation and soil salinity. These are all sever issues as the human race relies on agriculture to supply.


A reduction of topsoil leads to all kinds of problems, including increased pollution and sedimentation in streams and rivers. Clogging these waterways leads to a decline in fish and other species. Degraded land is less able to hold on to water, which can cause flooding ruining crops and buildings.


Sustainable land use can help reduce the impacts of agriculture and livestock, preventing soil degradation and erosion and the loss of valuable land to desertification. The health of soil is a primary concern to farmers and the global community whose livelihood depend on well managed agriculture.


There are challenges to maintaining healthy soil, but there are also solutions and dedicated groups of people who work to innovate and maintain the fragile skin of the earth. Here at the London Topsoil Company, we sustainably source our topsoil and independently test it to make sure that it is 100% non toxic and meets all British standard regulations.