Top 5 Winter Vegetables To Grow This Season

An image showing a hand holding some winter vegetables that have been grown

With winter well on its way, life in your garden doesn’t have to stop; many winter vegetables still thrive in the frost and colder months. With more and more of us becoming self sufficient and trying our hand at home-grown produce, there are some vegetables that you can continue to nurture and prepare for the coming months.

If you’re looking to provide food for all year round, then growing winter vegetables will help you to get ahead of the game and you’ll have an abundance of delicious vegetables to eat all year.



Planting onions this time of year is easy and they basically look after themselves. Onions take a while to grow, so they won’t be ready to harvest until next summer. There are a few different onion types that are great for this time of year, such as the ‘Electric Red’ and ‘Echalote Grise’.



Carrots are a quick and easy crop to grow and just as manageable during winter. If the weather is particularly cold, then try covering them with a plastic tunnel. The ‘Adelaide’ is a fast-maturing crop and can be harvested as early as spring.



Planting peas now is great to get your crop in earlier than usual, with the ‘Meteor’ variety maturing well over the winter months. Try germing your peas on a plate with a wet paper towel before planting to speed up the process.



If you’re looking to shake up your winter vegetables, then garlic has several varieties for you to choose from such as ‘Wight Crusto’ and ‘Chesnok Red’. Like carrots, they’re one of the easiest crops to grow but won’t be ready to harvest until the summer.



If you have the space then establishing an asparagus bed is ideal to get the most out of your crop. However, they have one of the longest growing periods, you won’t be able to harvest them for at least 2 years.


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