How To Use Excess Topsoil

a picture of a potted plant using excess topsoil

a picture of a potted plant using excess topsoil

If you have recently used topsoil in a gardening project but have decidedly overestimated the amount you would need, do not fret. Excess topsoil needn’t go to waste when a project has been finished. Topsoil is a valuable asset for any keen gardener, and below The London Topsoil Company has listed numerous ways one could use excess topsoil within their garden.


Raised beds
Excess topsoil is perfectly suited for raising beds in the garden. Topsoil in particular is great for growing greenery such as vegetables because the topsoil isn’t contaminated with weeds or other pests that could have a harmful effect on the vegetation sprouting. By settling excess topsoil into existing raised beds, you can organically restore the bed’s ecosystem at no extra cost.


Re-pot flowers
If you are looking for an excuse to re-pot the flowers dotted around your garden, an abundance of excess topsoil could be your answer. Topsoil is a great foundation for any planting project as it is free from debris and weeds, creating the ideal solution for your flowers or greenery. Revive your potted flowers with your excess topsoil and you’ll be amazed at how quickly results begin to appear.


Even out a sloped garden
Excess topsoil could be used to create a more consistent surface level in the garden. When preparing to even out a sloped garden, ensure that plants and sharp debris are removed from the area before adding topsoil to the lowest point of the garden. Once you are happy with the new surface level, rake the soil flat and water thoroughly to give your garden the best start possible.


Share with friends
If you have friends or neighbours who are looking for a way to rejuvenate a tired garden, be sure to offer them your excess topsoil. Sharing your gardening tips and tricks is a great way to enhance the gardening experience and to build stronger friendships with the people around you.


Save for next season
Topsoil is a great gardening substance because it doesn’t have to be used immediately. Topsoil can be easily stored away in a shed or a similar cool place away from the rain, and will be ready to use again next time the season comes around. So if you cannot decide what to do with your excess topsoil, there is no need to use it all right away. Knowing you have topsoil available if necessary will only help to calm any garden issues that could occur.


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