What to Do in Your Garden This Autumn

A close up of a dark red leave in a garden this autumn


Although the weather may not be encouraging, autumn is actually a fantastic time to be out in the garden. Many tasks can be carried out through September, October, and November that will set your garden up perfectly to make it through the winter healthily and flourish in the spring. Here are some of the tasks that The London Topsoil Company advise you undertake this autumn to make sure that you have a beautiful garden to be proud of come spring.


Fertilise Your Garden This Autumn

It’s a great idea to fertilise your garden this autumn, but we would advise that you do it early. Not only does the increased rainfall help to soak your fertiliser deep down into the soil, but the patches of sun that are still breaking through will be used as an energy source to break the nutrients down. However, make sure you’re not using a spring or summer specific fertiliser, as these have too much nitrogen in them for autumn.


Trim Your Summer Garden Growth

Now is the time to pull out the clippers and start trimming back the plants that have flourished during summer. If not, the colder weather hitting your garden this autumn will damage them and this could be irreparable. Research how best to trim the plants you have, and make sure to follow instructions carefully to maximise the chance of healthy blooming next spring.


Plan Your Next Year’s Plants

Autumn is an ideal time for new planting, as the soil is still warm from all of that summer sun, but the plants won’t be trying to bloom to soak up that sun as it won’t be out so strongly anymore. Plants such as garlic, roses, and broad beans all benefit wonderfully from autumn planting.


Carefully Cover

A general tidy up is now in order, as you won’t want things left exposed from summer activities to now be damaged by the weather. Cover or store away your garden furniture and pack away any extra tools that you’ve had out whilst you’ve been enjoying your gardening over the last few months. Make sure to cover your pond too, as falling leaves and other debris whipped up by high winds can pollute your pond water.


Don’t neglect your garden this autumn, as this is the perfect opportunity to get yourself prepped for next summer. If your soil is in need of rejuvenation for your planting and maintenance, talk to The London Topsoil Company on 01959 897609 and we’ll be happy to advise you on the best investment for your soil.