Tips for Designing – or Redesigning – Your Garden


Whether you see your garden as a creative extension of your home, or simply as a spacious, green area for your children to play in, it’s worth taking a little time to sit down and design the garden that will work for you. Much like interior design, there are always a few little suggestions that can make a world of difference when designing your garden, and we’ve collated some of those here.



If you’re handy at all with a pencil and paper, or even a computer, it’s a great idea to make a rough sketch of a garden from above to help you with designing. This helps you work out what pathways will work, where your areas of green should be and what furniture or ornaments can fit. Make sure you take accurate measurements so you can design everything to scale.


Find Your Style
Whether you look online at garden designs, or simply take inspiration from your own already-decorated home, finding your style is a great place to start in garden design. You may like the urban look, with decking and cool stone. Or, are you more of a wildlife garden fan, with brimming flower beds and tactfully overrun areas? Finding your style means you can then start searching for inspiration and pulling pieces together from other’s design.


Take Note of The Sun
Designing a garden is all about learning how to work with nature. Where you put your seating, your tall plants, and your pathways can all revolve around where the sun hits your garden at different times of the day. Take some time outside at different hours, and make notes next to your drawing. This well help not only with planting but also with your general layout.


Be Patient
A garden cannot be built in the same way as a piece of furniture or even a house. It can take years of planning, and when designing you will have the finished product in mind. However, don’t rush to get there! Take heart that your careful planting and plotting will allow your garden to mature and grow over the years until one day you look out of your window and notice – it’s grown into the garden of your dreams!