Get to know your compost suppliers and improve your garden

hands with black soil

Compost is one of the most valuable additions to your garden, but making your own can be doomed for failure. You may not get the mix of organic matter right or even have enough space for a proper composter. That’s where a compost supplier can be your garden’s best friend. But first you need to work out what kind of soil you have to know the best way to improve it.


Compost suppliers and soil type

The first thing to recognise is that not all topsoil is created equal. The ideal blend is thought to be 60% sand, 15% clay and 25% silt, which creates exactly the right growing environment for your plants. To determine the proportion of sand, clay and silt in your garden soil, you can conduct a simple soil test:


• Fill a screw top jar one third full of your soil then top up with water
• Screw on the lid and give the jar a really vigorous shake
• Put to one side to allow the particles to settle – a windowsill is good
• The sand will settle first, followed by the silt, then the clay (this process usually takes at least 12 hours) – mark the levels of the various elements on the side of the jar
• Look out for plenty of floating organic material – if it’s not there, you definitely need compost.


Improving your soils with the help of compost suppliers

Sandy soils are very free draining, which means they’re usually poor in nutrients as they drain away with the water.

• Work in at least four inches of compost from your compost supplier plus well rotted manure, then add another two inches a year
• Use a bark mulch around the roots of plants.


Clay soils can be water logged or rock solid, and become compacted and stunt root growth.

• Add 2-3 inches of organic matter in the autumn, then an inch a year after that
• Used raised beds to avoid soil compression


Silty soils are more fertile than clay or sandy soils but have poor drainage.

• Add one inch of compost a year, every year, at the surface level
• Use raised beds to encourage drainage


Compost suppliers and premium topsoil

At London Topsoil Company we can supply you with premium topsoil and natural green waste compost to improve your soil structure and help you grow beautiful blooms and delicious veggies even in the heart of the city!