How to Protect Your Plants from Frost

A close up of leaves that are damaged from frost in the garden

At this time of year, it can feel like all of your hard gardening work is about to be ruined by the freezing conditions. Winter can be very damaging to your garden if you don’t protect your plants from frost. At The London Topsoil Company, we understand the concern that comes with the colder months, so we have gathered together some handy instructions on how best you can protect your plants from frost.


Be Wary of Frost Pockets

Frost pockets are areas of your garden which may actually be collecting the cooler air. As cool air is denser, it flows down and can become trapped, creating hollows which are much more susceptible to frost. Identifying these potential areas and then removing any barriers that are causing it (such as fencing) will help to protect your plants from frost. If the frost pocket cannot be avoided, be very aware of what you plant in that area as many plants may not be able to survive the conditions.


Water Your Garden

It may seem strange, but watering your garden one or two days before a frost is due will actually help it significantly. This will help to insulate your plants and the heat will leave the soil slower. However, do not excessively saturate your soil with water; a light sprinkling will be sufficient and will prevent frost heave from over-watering.


Cover Your Plants

There are a variety of ways that you can cover your plants to protect them from frost. From premium glass cloches to cut up milk cartons, there’s no reason why you can’t find an adequate cover to help them along. The important thing to remember when covering your plants is to ensure that the cover reaches right down to the soil.


Move Tender Plants

Moving your plants to a more secluded spot will benefit them greatly if they are tender. A greenhouse is ideal, but if this isn’t possible then even grouping potted plants together will help to protect the roots from frost. You can also wrap these clustered plants in material such as fleece or hessian, as this will help to insulate them against the cold.


For more advice and guidance on getting the most out of your soil and plant growth, or to replenish nutrients from the soil in your garden, don’t hesitate to talk to the experienced staff members at The London Topsoil Company on 01959 897609. For more helpful guidance on all matters concerning your garden, simply browse our other blog posts.