Gardening: What We Wish We Had Done in 2015

The end of the year is often a time for reflection and we’re looking back on what we wish we had planted in the garden this year. Whilst we may be racked with a bit of regret, hopefully this list will provide our readers with some inspiration for next year! We know that we’ll be learning from our mistakes and making sure to plant as many of these as possible!

Despite being the coldest month, we wish we had sowed broad beans. We would have opted for Aquadulca Claudia, a variety that are known for being extremely hardy. They would have only taken 14 days to germinate and we could have harvested them in late May and June.

We would have loved to plant raspberries in February but unfortunately our soil was waterlogged. Fingers crossed that our soil remains safe this year because even in a small garden raspberries can be planted, either in containers or trained up a single post. There really is no excuse!

For a first-time vegetable grower, there really isn’t an easier place to start than with rhubarb. It rarely requires attention and can provide you with tasty stalks at a time when there is little else to be harvested in the garden. We definitely should have planted rhubarb crowns into rich fertile soil!

We are definitely guilty of having a neglected corner in the garden and we wish we had tried growing comfrey in it! It’s really tolerant of wet conditions and shade so it’s definitely suited to April showers! Comfrey can be used to make fertilizer or for mulching, so it’s top of our list to grow next year.

In May we felt a bit foolish for not having thought ahead to winter cropping. We could have started kale seeds under cover and been rewarded with the superfood of the moment!

June would have been perfect for growing one of the most foolproof and versatile of the summer flowering annuals, Nasturtiums. They could have created an eye catching border display.

We were too busy relaxing and enjoying our garden this month to think about growing something unusual like kohlrabi! We wish we had though because growing it alongside Nasturtiums deters cabbage white butterflies away from crops.

Little did we know that in August there was still time to make direct sowings of fast maturing carrots. We would have definitely chosen ‘Adelaide’ as they are known for being one of the earliest maturing varieties.

We really wish we had planted garlic bulbs at the end of September for cropping next year.

Wildflower seeds should have been sown this month directly in the ground. This could have been done to attract butterflies and bees to our garden; we really wish we had done this!

November would have been a brilliant to plant blueberry plants. They do prefer a slightly acidic soil but can thrive in patio containers if your soil lacks that acidity.

Our final regret is not having planted strawberry plants for a crop of sweet berries in the summer. However, we will be sure to do it next year!