Don’t Let Your Topsoil Dry Out Over Summer

Beautiful pink flowers growing in a garden.

Beautiful pink flowers growing in a garden.

Now that the sun has decided to come out, it is imperative that we keep an eye on the health of the topsoil in our gardens. The type of topsoil your garden possesses will determine how it handles the warm sunshine of summer. If you have a high percentage of sand in your soil, then you may find it difficult not to let your topsoil dry out. We have collated a range of tips to help you keep your topsoil moist during the hotter moments of summer.


Use Compost
Fully degraded compost has a high humus content, which is the most important ingredient of fertile soil and increases water-holding capacity greatly. Compost has the perfect balance between moisture and nutrients, and is therefore the perfect addition to your garden over summer. Mix one part compost to three parts soil so as not to let your topsoil dry out.


Cover with Mulch
Water evaporates quickly from exposed soil in the heat of the sun. A cover of fallen leaves and wooden debris is nature’s way of protecting the soil underneath from the elements. This is a great thing to replicate in your own garden, using straw, grass clippings, wood chips, and other forms of shredded organic matter. A 3-inch thick layer spread over the surface of your soil will help to lock in the moisture during period of high heat. Remember to water the soil thoroughly before laying your mulch.


Add Clay Soil
Clay soil is renowned for retaining high levels of water, often making it cloggy during the rainy seasons. However, adding clay rich soil to your flower beds on a 1-to-1 ration using a tiller, or spreading directly on top of your current soil, should help it to retain some moisture. This should help ensure that the sun won’t let your topsoil dry out over the summer months.


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