Caring for your Garden Tools in Winter

Once you’ve completed all the necessary winter preparation in your garden it can be tempting just to chuck your gardening tools in the shed and forget about them. However, we believe that a few simple steps that show your tools a little care can really be beneficial. Maintenance will ensure that your tools will last much longer, therefore saving you both time and money in the long run. These six steps will ensure that as soon as the sun’s shining and your garden looks inviting your tools will be in tip-top condition!

Clean after use
Remove all traces of soil from your digging tools using a bucket of warm water and a stiff bristle brush. This helps to prevent rust. If you do happen to have any rust spots then we recommend removing them as soon as possible with the same brush. Sandpaper or steel wool can be used for tougher spots but make sure to wear a pair of goggles!

Preserve handles
Use a stiff bristle brush once again to remove any soil from your handles to prevent them from splintering or drying out. If handles show signs of splitting or you notice cracking in the finish and the graying of wood before storage, then restore the handle with a simple treatment. Do not use glue or tape as a temporary solution.

Mowers and trimmers
Transfer any gasoline in your lawn mower to your cars engine; avoid storing it in your mower. Also make sure to scrape off the undercarriages of lawnmowers and weed whackers to ensure that they are free of grass. A chemical reaction can be caused that leads to rust if grass has a prolonged contact with metal.

Power tools
Always check flexes and plugs for any damage, if you happen to find any damage then make sure they are looked at by an experienced professional. We advise occasionally spraying your tools with oil to combat rusting. To ensure the oil seeps into all areas turn on the tool. Any tools that require batteries should have them removed because it is a common misconception that batteries retain all their charge when not in use.

When bringing in water hoses ensure that they are properly drained and coiled correctly. Check them for any cracks and repair if necessary.

Sharpen your tools
To make sure your garden tools are ready for the next season then sharpen them now with a suitable file. Use a vise, wear heavy gloves and ensure that they are properly secured before sharpening.

Store indoors
During winter your tools should be stored in a cool and dry place. To prevent damage and unnecessary wear and tear to your tools from extreme weather conditions then place them in a dry storage shed.