7 Ways to Recycle your Christmas Tree

After the tinsel has been taken down and the baubles have been put back in the box, what do you do with your Christmas tree? If you have purchased a real Christmas tree this season then there are plenty of ways that you can recycle it instead of simply disposing of it. We’ve compiled a list of 7 really simple ways of re-using your Christmas tree. If one of your New Years Resolutions is to live a little more sustainably then this article is perfect for you!
Contact your council
If you just want to get rid of your real Christmas tree then contact your local council as many arrange special collections of trees in early January or alternatively they will advertise the nearest locations that you can drop your tree off. Your tree is then most commonly shredded into chippings that will be used in nearby woodland areas or parks.
Bird feeder
A whole Christmas tree can be placed in your garden, either stuck in the ground or still in its stand, to become a brilliant bird feeder. We recommend that you hang bird treats from the tree such as bags of suet, stale bread, cranberries, popcorn, and dried and chopped fruit. You could also smear peanut butter on the branches as well. This will attract a wide variety of birds and you may find that whilst they originally came for the food they may continue to stay for the shelter.
The tree can be used as a trellis for peas or beans if it is moved into the corner of your garden and is set up in the spring.
Create logs that can be burned in your fireplace by simply sawing the trunk into appropriate sized pieces. We advise against burning the branches as they are known for sending off sparks!
Habitat for wildlife
Place the tree near a bird feeder to offer protection from the wind and predators. Your tree could also be used as a fish shelter if you have a fishpond. When the pond is well frozen over, place the tree on the ice with a cement block attached to it using nylon rope. When it thaws out in the springtime the tree will sink and therefore provide fish with ideal feeding conditions and a safe refuge if needed.
Strip the branches of their aromatic needles and use them when making potpourri. If stored airtight then they will retain their festive scent.
Make mulch
The boughs belonging to the tree can be cut off and placed on the ground like a blanket to offer protection to tender perennials against the harsh winter. The boughs provide the steady temperatures that most plants need and they will continue to protect them from spring thaws.