5 Gardening Tips that will Surprise You

close up of hands in gloves with soil and a plant

close up of hands in gloves with soil and a plant

Making you garden bloom all year round can be a tricky task. To make your lives a little easier, we have put together a list of 5 great gardening tips with a surprising twist. We bet you didn’t know these tips and tricks for your garden!


  1. Some species of seeds can struggle to germinate, such as sweet peas. To encourage germination, soak your seeds in a cold cup of black tea overnight. Tea’s tannins will soften the seeds casing, making it easier for it to sprout. Chamomile tea is particularly effective as it contains anti-fungal properties, reducing cases of “damping-off” – a horticultural disease that weakens or kills seeds before they germinate.

  3. Avoiding ant invasions can feel impossible at times, but there is a simple solution. Growing a lavender bush will keep ants at bay, they hate the distinctive smell during flowering, similarly they also avoid curry plants. In fact, ants hate most spices and will never cross a line of curry powder or cayenne pepper if you sprinkle it around your flower-beds.

  5. To save your tomatoes from being pecked at by birds, hang brightly coloured ornaments (such as red Christmas baubles) on tomato plants early in the season. They will frighten birds away and stop them from pecking holes in the fruit.

  7. To keep slugs at bay, cover your soil with crushed sea shells or pistachio nut shells. Slugs and snails will stay away from these areas as they struggle to manoeuvre over rough surfaces.

  9. Plants enjoy being fed milk. Diluted with water, it works as a great fertiliser and anti-fungal agent , containing proteins, vitamin B and sugars that improve crop yield and overall health. Don’t use too much though, as it may produce bacteria that will spoil, resulting in bad smells and wilting leaves.