Gardening shovel in the soil

When planting new plants for the change of season to redesigning your entire garden, it can be tricky working out what products you need to make your garden the best it can be. We have put together a short article to give you an insight into whether you need to use compost or topsoil for your gardening projects.


Topsoil typically makes up the top layer of soil where everything grows. If you were to look under your turf, topsoil is what you would see. It is loose and can appear dry before you lay it. Topsoil is perfect if you want to lay new turf, making new gardening beds and raised flower beds. The benefit of topsoil is that it allow plants the freedom to stretch their root’s and search for nutrients. The rule for topsoil is that for general projects, it is the perfect option to get your plant’s growing well.


Now compost works really well, but for slightly different projects. If you are planting into pots then the plants will need extra nutrients because they are in a confined space. If a plant can’t spread it’s root to find the nutrients it needs to grow, then it is up to you to supply it. This can be through rich compost or plant feeder, and is particularly important during the first month or so after planting.


Most nurseries combine both topsoil and compost to create a soil that dries out slowly and holds it’s structure, like topsoil, whilst providing the nutrients from the organic matter in the compost.