We know that winter doesn’t have to mean the end for you plants. Moving them inside can help to protect them from bitter temperatures and frost damage. It will also help to extend their lives whilst simultaneously surrounding your everyday indoor activities with fresh foliage. However, it is important to consider that unfortunately not all plants can be moved inside. For example, large vegetable plants cannot be uprooted and transferred indoors. Plants such as weeping figs, ferns, aloes and dwarf citrus trees can be brought inside easily. A rule to always abide by when selecting plants to bring inside is to opt for small or medium sized ones. The change in location can be quite traumatic for plants and smaller ones are more likely to survive. If you plan on moving any plants inside this winter then we have a few tips that you may find helpful!   Plan the potting If the plant you wish to bring indoors has been growing in the ground as opposed to an easy to transfer container then it is worthwhile taking time to plan ahead when it comes to potting. We recommend choosing a planter that is strong enough to support your plants root system and that it is filled with potting soil rather than garden soil. You will also want to make sure that the pot you have chosen for your plant has drainage holes and a basin at the bottom to store excess water.   Pests Make sure that your outdoor plants aren’t bringing any unwanted pests inside with them. Small insects such as aphids, mealy bugs and spider mites can sneak their way indoors and infect your houseplants if they are not removed. We recommend using a hose to wash off your plants before bringing them in.   Location It is crucial that within your home you have the right location for your plants. Many will require a bright spot as they used to growing in full sunshine outdoors. Indoor air is also rather dry and can lead to leaves turning brown and crispy if the plant is not exposed to enough moisture.   Pruning When bringing plants inside we advise cutting them back slightly to control the size whilst encouraging new growth that will be better adapted to life indoors.   Acclimatizing Your plants can acclimatise to their new surroundings by being placed in a shady spot for a couple of weeks before being moved inside.   Watering Plants don’t need as much water now as they do during the growing season. Be sure to water them enough so they don’t completely dry out though.