Topsoil Suppliers In Barnet

Over the past 40 years, The London Topsoil Company have worked hard to ensure we’re regarded as the premier topsoil suppliers in the Barnet area. We pride ourselves on our relationship with our customers in Barnet and strive to provide the best prices and service on topsoil in their area.


Our dedicated and passionate team are all fully qualified and equipped to offer our customers the best possible blend from our wide variety of topsoil. Every garden and project is different and depending on what you’ll be growing, your needs may be quite specific and that’s where our experience and knowledge really comes in to play. Whether its fruit, vegetables, flowers or grass, you can trust us as your topsoil suppliers to ensure you get the very best soil for a fertile garden with longevity.


Unlike other London topsoil suppliers, we have all of our topsoil regularly independently tested for purity and can guarantee customers that anything they buy from us is 100% safe, non-toxic and conforms to all British standards. We also boast London’s only fleet of purpose built delivery trucks with tilt and grab arm mechanisms for ease of delivering, whatever the obstacle.


To order your premium topsoil now, simply supply us with the dimensions of your project through our price calculator and we’ll calculate the cost for you. To discuss more complicated needs with our friendly team, you can call us on 0330 2000 808, or send us a message via the form on our Contact Us page.