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The Leading Topsoil Suppliers In Barking & Dagenham

If you’re planning a landscaping project in Barking & Dagenham, you can rest assured that working with The London Topsoil Company, London’s leading topsoil suppliers, is the right choice for you. We got over 40 years’ experience in supplying topsoil to Barking & Dagenham and the surrounding Greater London area and our fantastic team of fully qualified specialists are always on hand to make sure you get the best products for your project, whether it be a large scale commercial project or a smaller domestic one.


We pride ourselves on our expertise in our field and our ability to offer a wide variety of topsoil to our customers, meaning we can provide you with the basis for a healthy, fertile and long lasting garden, tailored entirely to your needs.


As well as offering free next day delivery on all of our orders, we’re also the only topsoil suppliers in London to run a fleet of purpose built delivery trucks complete with grab and tip mechanisms to ensure your topsoil gets delivered exactly where you want it. To order from London’s leading topsoil suppliers now, simply enter your dimensions into our online price calculator, and we’ll do the rest. If you’ve got more complicated requirements or need some advice, don’t hesitate to call our friendly team on 0330 2000 808 or get in touch with us via the contact form on our site.