Eco-Friendly Garden Projects That Are Both Useful and Fun


Make A Wall Garden… with recycled bottles!

This is a nifty and attractive way to reuse any spare plastic bottles you have lying around. With the right placement, a bottle wall garden can really add a touch of urban design to your outside areas. To repurpose a plastic bottle into a planter, turn the bottle on its side and then cut a rectangle out of the plastic, around 2 inches by 4 inches. Leaving the lid on the bottle, fill it around half way with some nutrient rich soil, suitable for planting your chosen seeds. To actually secure the bottles to a wall, try using wire to connect them together, similar to a hanging garden! You can then create a design where they wind down your chosen wall. With this eco-friendly garden project you now have lots of extra planting space. For extra creativity, mix and match different colours and shades of bottle and even paint the caps a range of colours for extra vibrancy!


Turn Broken Pots into Mini Gardens

When one of your plant pots breaks, don’t throw it away! With a little creative flair and imagination, these can be turned into an adorable mini garden, or fairy garden as they are sometimes known. The wonderful thing about this eco-friendly garden project is it will always be unique, as each break and shard will never be replicable. Make sure to be careful when arranging your mini garden, and use your planter soil to secure the shards in your chosen arrangement. Why not build little fairy furniture too, from items around your home? If you’re hoping for inspiration, there’s lots of examples online of these cute projects which are sure to get your creativity fired up!


Use Plant Pots & Drip Trays as Upcycled Garden Mushrooms

Take some old or spare plant pots and turn them upside down. Now take a plant pot drip tray and place it on top, also upside down. Voila – a beautiful mushroom! Now you can get creative with the painting in whatever shades and colours you’d like – just make sure to paint the drip tray with those adorable mushroom spots we all love. This is the eco-friendly garden project where you can really let your unique taste shine as you put together any combination of colours and styles of mushrooms as you’d like. Why not get the kids involved too, and have the spots be their hand prints? This adorable garden project can bring all of the family together and you will have a wonderful range of decorative pieces afterwards, all from recycled materials.