4 Simple and Stylish Pieces of Garden Furniture You Can Make Yourself

Garden furniture can be easily overlooked in the hubbub of garden design and landscaping. It’s common for us all to have spent all year carefully planning and planting our gardens to make sure they look as beautiful as possible come summer. We all put some much time into plotting for our future flower beds and lawns, making sure we’ve got the right soil and bulbs and landscaping, but what about when those bulbs finally bloom and the sun’s rays start to shine? Make sure you can make the most of your garden by sorting out some wonderful garden furniture. It doesn’t even have to break the bank, and can be a fun, quirky project to do over the weekend. Below are some of our favourite garden furniture projects that will not only complete your outside area, but will also create a relaxing space for you to unwind in during those long summer evenings.

A Tire Seat

This project works on so many wonderful levels. Firstly, the seat can be as big – or as small – as you want, just by locating the right tire! It’s also handy if you’ve got spares lying around from wheel changes and the like. The other marvellous thing about this seat is that it’s very easy to move around, so you can take it with you as the sun moves around the garden.

A Pallet Swing

We love this very simple to make pallet swing. You can edit it to whatever size of mattress or padding you have, and paint it to whatever style takes your fancy. If you don’t have a tree that seems capable of withstanding the weight of your pallet swing, you can easily purchase a cheap swing set frame and then customise it to suit you. Remember, if you are hanging your pallet swing from a tree, protect the branches from the rope using old bicycle tires or even some garden hose pipe.

Bath Tub Sofa

For the slightly more crafty of readers, this DIY bathtub-come-sofa would be a fantastic challenge with a beautiful pay-off. You’ll definitely need some good power tools and safety equipment, but it will be so worth it once the look comes together, and it’s fantastically versatile with the seat cover being interchangeable in style! It’s the sofa that can keep up with your changing tastes.

Log Table

For a far more easy-to-manage project, why not try this lovely little log table? Depending on what resources you’ve got available to you, you can tailor this project entirely to suit your needs. You can go searching for lots of big sturdy logs and cut them to similar sizes for a large surface, or just make a smaller, decorative piece without trimming them at all if preferred. We think twine would make a great material to bring them all together with, being both durable and aesthetically pleasing.

Once you’ve decked out your garden with some wonderful new, homemade pieces of garden furniture, don’t stop there! Next, look into making your own cushions and blankets so you can really add your own interior home personality to your lovely exterior space.