Top 5 benefits that compost suppliers bring to your garden


Compost is like black gold for your garden, with a wealth of benefits that will have your lawn, borders and veg patch looking healthy and being productive all year round. Once you’ve found a good compost supplier, these are five benefits of using this rich and useful product on your garden.


Compost suppliers help you add organic matter

Most houses are not built on land known for its fertility, which is where compost from compost suppliers like London Topsoil Company can help. Our compost will add rich organic matter to create a dynamic web of microorganisms in your soil that will keep your soil healthy.


Compost suppliers help you add nutrients

Compost is so much more than just a type of fertiliser. Its slow release nutrients will benefit plants for month after month, and it contains more complex nutrients than a standard NPK fertiliser.


Compost suppliers help you improve soil structure

Using high quality compost will also help you improve the structure of your soil by helping to rebuild soil that has been compacted over the years. The micro-organisms that compost helps support will aerate your soil, helping to create a better soil structure. A healthy culture of worms, fungi and beetles can lead to healthier lawns, more beautiful blooms and a larger harvest. Compost can also neutralise the soil’s Ph balance and increase its capacity to retain nutrients.


Compost suppliers help your soil retain water

We’re all aware of how scarce and vital a resource water is, along with the need to retain it in the garden, so any help is welcome. That’s where compost comes in. Not only does it improve soil structure to help with water retention, but a rich organic mulch-using compost can help soil retain water and also boost your flowers, fruit and veg. It’s a win-win.


Compost suppliers are cutting waste

Composting organic waste helps to radically reduce waste. Composting at home can mean that compostable material like pizza boxes and waste paper are put to their best use. However, it can be difficult to get the mix just right when you home compost and end up with sludge rather than rich organic matter. Instead of doing it yourself, participate in a green waste scheme and buy your compost from trusted compost suppliers like the London Topsoil Company to make the most of your garden.